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We tread on some thin ice here by making this bold statement: Sports Interaction is one of the most under rated sportsbook of all time. Their company, based In Kahnawake, has been in business since 1997. Over the years they have been given a bad reputation mostly due to their stance on sharp action. The fact is the SIA offers some of the best underdog lines in the industry as they cater to square bettors. They are a very easy target for sports price traders and professional punters because they hang so many soft lines. Generally what happens is these professionals win a large sum of cash and then are asked to leave, this is a sportsbook’s right to do and we don’t blame SIA one bit for doing so. This is where the problems come in, because SIA offers such juicy lines players try to get around this by creating second accounts or finding other ways to keep betting after the fact that SIA has politely asked them to leave. 90% of the complaints floating around the sportsbook review sites come from professionals. If you are a recreational bettor SIA is a great sportsbook. If you’re a lower limit pro wagering anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred per game, you’ll want and SIA account. They offer some of the best underdog lines, in fact during football and basketball season, there are several times per week where SIA has the best line available across all sportsbooks.

We give SIA a solid C+ rating. If it were not for the large number of sharps that have had problems we might consider rating them as high as a B. With all C rated sportsbook some risk to players funds is always involved. While SIA has never been fast, in fact, we would classify them as being on the slower side. Their processing withdrawals are quite slow but clients do get paid. If you mess with SIA, such as betting obvious line errors or open multiple accounts or do something else against their terms be prepared to have your winning (no stake, but winning) confiscated as SIA is smart and does not take kindly to those who attempt to cheat them.

I’ve personally used SIA for many years and I absolutely love picking off their juicy dog lines a couple hundred dollars at a time.

Geographical Restrictions: None, clients from all locations welcomed.

Sports Interaction Bonuses and Promotions

Sign up bonus: The Sports Interaction bonus offer is a 10% initial deposit math with a 3 time rollover requirement.

In addition to a sign up bonus SIA generally offers a fair number of other periodic bonuses and promotions. To see the current offers check the SIA website.

Sports Interaction Operation Details

Hours: 24/7 via the Internet. Phone Wagering from 9AM to the start of the 2nd half of the last game on the board.

Customer Service: SIA has good customer support available through phone, email and live website chat.

Min. Bet: $1.00

Max. Bet: NFL (sides): $1100 | NFL (totals): $440 | European Soccer: $550 | Other US Sports (sides): $550 | Other US Sports (totals): $220 | Teasers and Combination Bets: $275 | Futures: $330.

Reduced Juice: No

Overnight lines: Football and some basketball. MLB lines often not posted overnight.

Professional Action Limits: Sports Interaction is not a good book for Sharps. They are known to ask players to leave their sportsbook once their winning reach a certain threshold (typically around $10,000).

Sports Interaction Banking Policies

Sports Interaction accepts deposits through Neteller, Instadebit, Credit Card, Bank Check/Money Order, and Wire Transfer.

Clients can withdrawal funds through Echeck, Wire Transfer, Check, Neteller or InstaDebit.

The cost of withdrawals are as follows:

Neteller – one free withdrawal per month, $15-$30 fee for subsequent withdrawals.

Instadebit: Available only to Canadian customers who have made a deposit via Instadebit. Cash out has a $2 fee and is limited to the amount of initial deposit only. It takes about 5 days for the cash out to reach a clients Insta debit account.

Echeck: takes 7-10 days to reach a clients account, the cost is – 1 free per month then a fee ranging from $20 to $60 (depending on size of transfer) for each subsequent withdrawal.

Wire Transfer: no fee for wires over $1000, wires under $1000 will be charged a $10 fee.

Sports Interaction Corporate Information

Company Details: Sports Ineraction was the first North American based online sportsbook (established 1997). They are located in Canada and are fully licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Physical Address: Sports Interaction Route 138, Box 1539 Kahnawake QC J0L 1B0 Canada

Phone numbers:

CS Phone: 1-888-922-5575
Wager Phone: 1-888-922-5575
Local Phone: 1-450-635-5582
Fax Phone: 1-888-726-9240

The parent company of Sports Interaction is SIA Ltd., 4 Pitman’s Alley, Gibraltar.