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Diamond Sportsbook, also knows as Bet Diamonds or DSI, has been in business since 1998. A few years ago they achieved top sportsbook status by partnering with Costa Rican International Sports (CRIS). They pride themselves on accepting business from all locations, offering superior customer service, and immediately grading all wagers. Their customer support staff is available to clients 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Diamonds is perhaps the most trusted online sportsbook in the world. They cater to both small players and betting professionals alike. When it comes to payout their is never an issue or an excuse. If you win, you get paid at Diamond – its truly that simple. Professional players never have to worry about having their limits cuts, and recreational bettors can benefit from the bonus/loyalty programs available. Simply put Diamond is an all around complete sportsbook and is a great choice for any sports bettors.

Geographical Restrictions: None, clients from all locations welcomed.

Diamond Sportsbook Bonus and Promotion Offers

Diamond Sportsbook offers a great variety of bonus promotion and benefits. When creating a new user account you will be treated with a deposit bonus, reload bonus and refer a friend bonus. Also, Diamond Sportsbook has a great Loyalty Program in place.

Please note, Diamond Sportsbook requires that all bonuses need to be activated by contacting customer support.

Sign up Bonus: After creating an account and depositing you will have 2 options for a sign up bonus. You may receive a 10% Free Play which needs a roll over of 3x to clear. Or you may receive a 20% Free Play which needs a roll over of 5x to clear. Minimum eligible deposit is $300 and max awarded free play bonus is $500. Please note, bonuses will not be given on Credit Cards deposits.

Reload Bonus – Every time you reload your account, you will receive a 10% Free Play (3x rollover) bonus. With a minimum deposit of $300 and max bonus awarded is $500. The Reload bonus will only be provided if you meet the conditions below:
1) The players recent bets has resulted in losses that are at least equal to the reload deposit amount.
2) Players must not have requested a payout in at least 30 days. Unless the player deposits, at least the previous payout amount. The reload deposit bonus will be granted on the rest.
3) Credit Card deposits will not receive a reload bonus.

Remember, you must claim your bonus by contacting Diamond Sportsbook support.

Refer a Friend Bonus – Refer one of your friends to Diamond Sportsbook and you’ll receive a 10% free play bonus on you friends first deposit. $200 is the maximum awarded bonus. Example, James refers Jackson, Jackson deposits $500, James receives $50 in referral bonus money.

Refer a Friend Requirements: The refer must have an active Diamond Sportsbook account before receiving the referral bonus. The referred friend must make a minimum deposit of $200.

Loyalty Program: Players will receive points for every made wager. These points are redeemable for free-play bonuses.

Diamond Sportsbook Operation Details

Hours: Diamond Sportsbook is like 7/11 they are open 24 hours per day 365 days per year!

Customer Service: Diamond prides themselves on offering superior customer support. Their account staff is available 24 hours per day via phone, email and live website chat.

Min. Bet: $5 internet, $50 phone.

Max. Bet: NFL, MLB and NHL $5,000 | NBA $3,000

Reduced Juice: No

Overnight lines: Yes, they are one of the first books to post lines.

Professional Action Limits: All Action is welcomed, professionals will not have their limits cut.

Parlay Odds: The maximum Parlay payout at Diamond is $150,000. Here are the odds – 2 teams 13/5, 3 teams 6/1, 4 teams 11/1, 5 teams 20/1, 6 teams 40/1, 7 teams 70/1, 8 teams 140/1.. available all the way up to 15 teams which pays 1500 to 1.

Teaser Odds: Diamond has good teaser options. On their standard teasers a tie plus a loss is graded as a loss, a tie plus a push is graded as a push. Here is a chart of their teaser odds and options:

Diamond Teaser Odds

Diamond Sportsbook Banking Options and Policies

Banking Options Available World Wide

Deposit Options

Mastercard – $25 – $500 We accept Visa online or over the phone.** Call 1-800-264-4535 to deposit over the phone with your credit card. (No Fees). (Note: Diamonds has a decent approval rate on prepaid cards and bank issued debit cards).

Moneytransfer – $10 – $3,000 Person to person money transfers. Contact the Diamond cashier for more details.

EwalletXpress – $5 – $1,000 eWalletXpress is an easy-to-fund ewallet for US and Canadian customers. The ewallet has numerous options for funding and registration is immediate. This method is available for deposit only.

Bankwire – $50 – No Max Please email our cashier or call 1-800-264-4535 for instructions.* (amt x .005)+ $55 Min Fee $65 Max Fee $300

Cash out options

Bankdraft – $50 No Max Please email our cashier for details.* Fedex $60 ( $10 for any additional ) – FREE for US and Canadian clients, 1 per 30 days

Moneytransfer -Request a cash payout using person to person money transfer. One request per week. Request may take 7-10 business days to process. Fees: accordingly with amount requested, max $75.

Banking Options Available to Everywhere except the United States

Depositing via MoneyBookers – clients can fund their account through Money Bookers with no fee. Deposit limits are between $5 – $10,000.

Cashing out via MoneyBookers: 1 free withdrawal on Fridays up to $2500. Other withdrawals via MoneyBookers incur the following fees: $0-500= $15 |$501-2500 = $30 | $2501-5000 = $60 | $5001-8000 = $75

Banking Options Available Everywere Excpet US and Canada

Depositing via Neteller: – clients can fund their account through Neteller with no fee. Deposit limits are $10 minimum $50,000 maximum.

Cashing out via Neteller: 1 free withdrawal on Fridays up to $2500. Other withdrawals via Neteller incur the following fees: $0-500= $15 |$501-2500 = $30 | $2501-5000 = $60 | $5001-8000 = $75

Instadebit – $1 – $1,000 INSTADEBIT is a fast and secure way to transfer funds directly from your personal bank account to your betting account. The only requirement is a valid checking account. Deposits using INSTADEBIT are free. Funds are cleared instantly. You may wager immediately.

Click2Pay – $1 – $1,000 Click2Pay is a very flexible ewallet which allows customers to make instant deposits. The funds are drawn in real time from the registered credit card or bank account.

MyCitadel – $1 – $1,000 MyCitadel is a reliable ewallet for customers throughout the world. You can easily transfer cash into your MyCitadel wallet directly from your bank, and you can easily transfer cash out directly to your bank account.

Diamond Sportsbook Corporate Information

Diamond Sportsbook has been in business since 1998. They are located in San Jose, Costa Rica where they are federally licensed.

Contact Details

Diamond Sportsbook
Building La Colmena
75m West of Contraloria
7th floor
Sabana Sur, San Jose
Costa Rica

Customer Service: 1-877-223-8374, 1-800-264-4535
Wagering (US & Canada only): 1-800-965-0506