Each year Sportsbooks give away millions of dollars to those who participate in their free contests. If you enjoy betting on sports and aren’t taking advantage of free contests, then either you’re rich (or lazy) or you just didn’t know enough about them. Personally we know of a handful of people who are averaging an extra $4,000 per year taking advantage strictly from free sports betting contests.

These contest are usually quite numerous during the football season as well as during March Madness.

Here is a sample of some contests currently available.

The SportsbookProp NFL Challenge: This is our own contest which takes part in the Part Time Poker forums. For details see this thread.

TheGreek is running a $15,000 pick 15 weekly challenge. Over 17 weeks 4,250 winners will share up to $1,188,625 in prizes. Details can be found on the TheGreek home page.

Wager Web:If you enjoy sports betting contests wager web is a great choice. They offer a 50% sign up bonus plus an amazing number of contest and promotion. Free contests runs daily or weekly for PGA, NASCAR, Soccer, NBA and MLB. In addition to free contests they offer paid entry office pools and fantasy sports leagues.

Intertops offers a weekly free contest, where the person who picks the most correct winners, wins a $100 free betting account. They also offer active customers a chance to win a free trip to the Rose Bowl and another free trip to the Super Bowl.

BetTrojan offers occasional contests, right now they are offering a chance to win $50 free just for going to their website and filling out a form.

Carib Sportsbook: When you sign up at Carib you’ll often be offered an immediate free $50 bet with no deposit required. After depositing you’ll receive entry to additional free contest.

Sportsbook.com is famous for free contests. While they are right now only rated a C+ book on the SBP rating guide ,it’s usually worth funding an account there with a small deposit just to take advantage of the high # of contest and promotions they have. For details click the promo table on the sportsbook.com website

WagerLine: These guys have non stop contests in fact that is what this site offers, see www.wagerline.com

Paid Entry Sports Betting Contest

Here are some of the top paid entry sports betting contests:

Office Pools: The best place for paid entry pick the board contest is 5Dimes. They offer $5, $25 and $100 pool contests with 100% payout. The house does not take any vig – for details visit www.5dimes.com

Football Squares: The best places for paid square contests are Bet Jamaica and Carib Sportsbook. We prefer Carib’s contest because generally they always have squares available where Bet Jamaica usually sell out fast. For Carib’s contest visit www.caribsports.com

Daily Contests: Bookmaker.com (SBP A+ Rated) offers contest every day that cost $10.00 to enter, their contests are available in all major sports.