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Bookmaker is no doubt the most popular online sportsbook friendly to the US market. Their origins date back to a 1985 bookmaking operation started by Ron “the Cigar” Sacco. Around 1994, a man named Harry Craft started Costa Rica International Sports (CRIS) employing much of Sacco’s crew. Shortly after Cigar returned to the company in late 1998, their website BetCRIS was born which quickly became America’s #1 gambling site. Although today the two companies are headquarter some 6,000 miles apart (CRIS in Malta, Bookmaker in Costa Rica) their histories are very closely intertwined. This is because on March 1, 2007 – CRIS stopped servicing US players and transferred all US BetCRIS accounts to their recently acquired Bookmaker URL.

Today the same legendary service that CRIS offered for years can be found at This website is friendly to players of all countries, including the US, and is available in 25 different currencies. Americans most often choose Bookmaker, because this is one the very few sites they can deposit at with a Visa credit or debit card. Although other gambling sites claim they accept Visa, you’ll find more often than not the cards get declined; this is not the case here. If you don’t have a Visa you can deposit with person to person cash transfer service at your local Wal-Mart or grocery store and Bookmaker will pick up the fees. For details on this, open an account at their website, then contact live chat with your account number and they’ll quickly get you sorted with an easy method to deposit. Wagering Options

At Bookmaker the wagering options are aplenty. Here you’ll find NFL, NCAAF, NHL, NBA, NCAAB and MLB. There is also a plethora of international sports covered such as Venezuela Baseball, Dominican Baseball, Mexico Baseball; soccer matches from around globe and even Futsal from Spain, NLL Lacrosse and plenty of handball markets. Of course, also included on their betting menu is tennis, cricket, Formula 1, NASCAR, UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator, boxing and international basketball from Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland and France. As you can see no matter where you live in the world, there is no shortage of betting markets offered.

Live Betting

Quite impressive if you live in the United States, is nearly every nationally televised game is covered by the new live betting interface of By live betting I don’t mean the boring refresh the screen at commercial breaks offered by 5Dimes, BetOnline and Pinnacle Sports – what I’m referring to is an amazing interface that rivals what some of the top European bookmakers offer. Here you can wager on the results of each play, the series, half or quarter, as well as bet adjusted point spreads, totals and moneylines as the games progress. Just sit and watch the game on TV with the bookmaker live betting interface open nearby and new markets will open at the start of each play, while the odds for the overall game will continue adjust.

Mobile Betting

Interested in betting on the go? Bookmaker has one of the best mobile betting apps in the industry period. I don’t just mean for the US, their mobile betting is better than any I’ve used period – only perhaps Bet365 (not open to the US) ranks about the same. Bonus Offers

All new accounts that are opened with a deposit of $300 or greater (made via any deposit method other than Neteller) receive a 15% initial deposit match in the form of free play credits. The rollover required to cash this bonus out is just 4-times the deposit plus bonus amount. So for example if you deposit $1,000 you’ll be given a $150.00 free play. Here you’ll need to wager ($1,000 deposit + $150 bonus) X 4… ($1150*4=$4,600). So once you’ve made $4,600 in wagers that $150 bonus is free and clear to cash out.

The bonuses don’t stop with just your initial deposit. Every Tuesday and Wednesday reload deposits are matched 20% in the form of free play credits. For 20% bonuses, the rollover is 5-times the deposit plus bonus amount. Additionally, reload deposits made on other days of the week are given a 10%-15% bonus depending on you VIP tier status.

Bookmaker BetPoints VIP Program

To provide a quick overview of this here, offers a loyalty based rewards program that rewards 1 Bookmaker BetPoint for each dollar wagered on straight bets. This uses the base wager amount, which in another words is the lesser of “risk amount” or “to win” amount. There are other ways to earn points too such as multiples (parlays, teasers, if bets, reverse etc.) and casino and poker play that pay much greater than 1 BetPoint per dollar. Those details can be found on their website.

BetPoints are redeemable for cash, frequent flyer miles, gift cards, free payouts, bookmaker gear, tournament entries etc. However the best deal is by far cash. Additionally there are different rewards levels; Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The best strategy is to at least focus on reaching Platinum and then save up for a maximum cash back redemption. When doing so, the cash back is 0.65% of your base wagered amount; you get $195.00 for each 30,000 bet points. At Platinum you also qualify for better bonuses (15% free play match on each deposit) 2 free check payouts per month, and a free weekly entry to a VIP Blackjack tournament.

Trivia Question – What are the effective odds of a -110 point spreads when factoring the VIP rewards program? Eh, I’ll save you the boring math and just give you the answer. At Platinum the value is betting at around -109.3, and at Diamond the value is around -109.2. It’s not a TON, but serious punters know this adds up significantly over time. Considering everything else offers such as hassle free payouts no matter how much you win, reloads on every deposit, mobile betting, live betting, early lines and the whole nine years, this rewards program is certainly is certainly a nice little extra perk.

Bookmaker Friendly to Winners

These days there is a major shortage of sportsbooks friendly to advantage gamblers that also accept US players. markets themselves as being this option; however their reduced juice maximum bet is just $500.00. Although doesn’t offer reduced juice, the do offer plenty that serious sports bettors can take advantage of.

Early lines: The slogan “where the line originates” that is branded on the Bookmaker website is far from hype. I believe it was Frank Rosenthal (the man Robert De Niro played in the 1995 Martin Scorsese film ‘Casino’) that first mentioned “this is the site where the line originates” when referring to CRIS. His statement which they’ve since adopted as a tag line is true. For major US sports, Bookmaker posts the lines before Las Vegas and before any other online sportsbook. If you’re a sharp gambler and watch openers, all you need to do is spot the lines that are off, bet them before they changed and profit over the long term.

Teaser Odds: A lot of people actually complain that Bookmaker’s teaser odds are non-competitive due to only paying +160 on 2-team 6-point teasers. First of all who still pays +180 on these? Bodog does I think but with a $500.00 max bet. Intertops pays +170 but again a small max bet. If you want favorable odds just add a 4th team, here Bookmaker pays +300 which better than anyone else in the industry offers. BetOnline only pays +250 on these, Pinnacle +260, Carib +260, Sportbet +280 and the list goes on and on. Although, unless you’re savvy in odds and teasers, you might miss this, the reason to play teasers at Bookmaker is they don’t shade the lines to block basic strategy teasers. Also, while other betting sites have a measly $500 limit on NFL teasers, Bookmaker has a $20,000 maximum bet limit.

High limits + No Limit Collars: The #1 reason serious sports bettors wager at is their high betting limits with no limit collars. Bookmaker takes $40,000 bets per NFL side and never once has limited a player for winning too much, has never slow played a winner, or made them jump through the hoops other sites do. Their about page opens with “Following a legacy of quality in service and renowned bookmaking experience of more than two decades, BookMaker is born to aim and serve both professional and recreational players.” The legacy they are referring to includes the US business Ron Sacco established in 1985, the BetCRIS brand Craft started in 1994 that others later continued, and even the original BetMaker which opened in Costa Rica in 1996. All these companies from which they have their roots, including current CEO Mickey Richardson, have unparalleled track record for hassle free payouts.

Why Bookmaker is #1

The reason Bookmaker is rated #1 at all respectable industry review portals is because they have a unique approach to bookmaking. While other sites merely copy their lines and look for excuses to ban winners, Bookmaker strives to be the best. These guys post the odds they created, take bets, adjust lines and manage risk. If you beat them, their response is always a sincere “good for you!”. In betting there are some winners and some losers on every game, and winners and losers is what it takes to balance a market and win at bookmaking over the long haul. Bookmaker understands this and is all about legit bookmaking. If they’re losing money on a market because sharps are winning too much it’s on them to improve. If they’re making money and you are too, well then… you’re just part of the same team…because… winning bettors play a strong roll in healthy betting ecosystem, and there is no betting site that understands this and is more accommodating to winners than When you bet here and win you will get paid. Few things in life can be said with certainty – this however is one of those things! For 27 years in counting these guys have been paying winners, hassle free! So, forget all the other gimmicks online with massive bonuses and odds too good to be true. These sites are scams, which will give you the world and then stiff you when you win.

Bookmaker Currency Options

To conclude this review, let me mention accounts can be opened in the following currencies: