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BetUS has been in business since 1994 and has owned many sportsbooks over the years. Their website is rated very high on numerous independent sportsbook review sites, but don’t let this fool you. BetUS pays a lot of these sites big money to list them as a top sportsbook and might even own some of these review sites. Back in 2005 BetUS began sending players magazines called Gambling Insider which rated the top online sportsbooks. All the sites that were listed were owned by or associated with the BetUS family of books. This was a scummy marketing approach.

We strongly encourage anyone thinking about joining BetUS to do their research first. One of our favorite independent review sites which is much larger and much more established then we are has been archiving BetUS news and complaints over the years. You can access this information on the BetUs Page.

You’ll notice a trend when reading SBR’s BetUS page that most of the complaints were for 5 figures amounts, or had to do with sharp action (not all of them, but most of them). You’ll also see that some of these complaints have been resolved.

For the most part recreational bettors who are betting a few dollars to perhaps $100 per game for the most part love BetUS. Their company offers large sign up bonuses, lots of cool promotions and works hard to keep gambling fun. If you’re a lower limit player betting mostly for entertainment value there is a good chance you’ll also fall in love with their site. Their company is not often hassle people over withdrawals of ranging in the hundred’s of dollars, and the reason you’ll love BetUS is because they make betting fun.

If you’re keen on betting things other than sports Bet US has offers a casino, and also offers a great poker room which operates on the Cake Poker network.

Overall we chose to give BetUS a C- rating. Please keep in mind rating scales overall are subjective and the method for determine a site rating is up to the management of each review site. We define a C rating as “decent sportsbook with some potential risk to players funds. The +/- part means we feel the book is more or less decent or has less or more risk to players funds then other books rated in the same category. The different between a C and a C+ rating is far less than the different between a B- and a C+ in our system. The letter grade is a sites overall category. The +/- is used to compare them to other books within that category.

BetUS is currently offering a 50% sign up bonus – for some clients the risk of using a C rated book compared to the benefits gained from the sign up bonus is worth it, for others it is not. If you’re one of those gamblers who is willing to take a calculated risk then perhaps BetUS might be a good option for you.

Geographical Restrictions: None, clients from all locations welcomed.

BetUS Bonuses and Promotions

Sign up bonus: Clients who deposit $100 or more on their initial deposit are awarded a $50 free bet. This bonus will become eligible for withdrawal after a total of $750 of rollover has been met.

The BetUS does not list many promotion on their website but you can rest assured that once they have your email and postal address they will flood you with many of them on a regular basis.

BetUS Operation Details

Hours: The company is available for support 24/7/365. Internet wagering is also available 24/7/365.

Customer Service: BetUS does have very good customer support. They are available 24/7 via phone or email.

Min. Bet: $1

Max. Bet: Sides: $5,000 internet, $100,000 phone. If you’re sick enough to bet this much at BetUS please give me a call so I can sell you my lock of the century for just $10,000.

Reduced Juice: BetUS does not offer reduced juice but they do send lots of promotions through email on a regular basis.

Overnight lines: Yes, posted around 8PM for most games.

Professional Action Limits: There is a popular saying amongst sharp sports bettors “Sharp friends, don’t let Sharp friends bet at BetUS”. This book is no where near ideal for professional action.

Overnight lines: Yes, posted around 8PM for most games.

BetUS Banking Options and Policies

Deposit options: Credit card and direct bank wire/money transfer. The web site states if your card is declined to call them to get it approved. There is a limit of $5,000 deposit per month per credit card.

Payout Options: Electronic Money Transfer or check delivered via FedEx. The daily payout limit is $5,000.

Cash out Speed: Slow, ever since UIGEA BetUS payouts have been quite slow even though they have had close to a year now to figure out alternative banking methods.

BetUS Corporate Information

Company Details: Founded: 1994

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Below is the “About Us” Blurb that can be found on the BetUs website: is one of the pioneers in the legal online sports betting industry and is licensed in San Jose, Costa Rica. provides a safe and secure place for sports wagering to more than 100,000 clients. started in 1994 and has been in operation for more than 12 years. employs a staff of 550.