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Costa Rican International Sports (also known as Bet Cris or just Cris) is one of the largest and most successful Sportsbook in the world. They are founded by an old school betcris named Cigar who established Cris in 1985. In the early 90’s they operated as a telephone betting shop offshore and launched online in 1998. To say Cris is a leader in the online sportsbook industry would be a gross understatement. Most offshore sportsbooks will not even open a line till they see the line Cris is offering. Now their website caters to all players including: $5 to $20,000 per game bettors – this is the sportsbook where the big boys play. You never have to be worried about being shut off for winning to much at Cris nor is there ever a reason to sweat payouts. These guys take $10,000 bets as often as an average sportsbook writes tickets for $200 bets. At Cris, if you win money, they pay – Its truly that simple.

Geographical Restrictions: Bet Cris does not accept American players, however Americans are accepted at their sister sportsbook

Bet Cris Bonus and Promotion Offers

Bet Cris offers a 20% free play bonus on initial deposits of $300 or more ($500 max bonus). To clear this bonus you must wager five times your initial deposit plus the bonus over in the sportsbook before it becomes available for withdrawal. You should also check the Cris website or speak to their customer support to inquire about bonus restrictions before depositing as their are some available (for example: Credit Card depositors are not eligible for any BetCris Bonus offers).

Here are some additional bonus terms:

* Only Football (NFL and NCAA), Basketball (NBA, WNBA, and NCAA), MLB, and NHL are available for free play wagers
* The are only usable on parlays and straight wagers
* Upon winning a free play, only the amount of the win is received
* No point buying
* Ties lose
* Free play wagers are only available through use online, and cannot be used via the site’s call center
* Subject to expiration after 30 days
* Maximum payout for any Free Play is $500 USD
* Free Play bonus claims must be made within 24 hours from the moment the deposit is made

BetCris Loyalty Program

BetCris Loyalty PointsBet Cris offers a great VIP program which allows players to earn loyalty points for each bet the place. Each wager made on the Cris website earn points. The # of points given a 1 point for each dollar wagered using the lesser of the win and risk amount. For example if you wager $110 to win $100 you earn 100 points. If you wager $100 to win $200 you also earn 100 points as the number of points earned are determined by the lesser of the two values.

The chart above shows the current rewards. The points can be redeemed for $50 to $1,000 free play credits or merchandise such as BetCris gear or a free sports pager. Quite a few guys here in the sportsbook prop office have that sports page and we can tell you its very nice. When considering the pricing Cris offers, this loyalty program should not be overlooked, keep in mind on -110 pricing the juice is taken on losing bet only, with the loyalty program you’re earning points on all bets win or lose. This is like saving a couple cents of vig on each wager.

Bet Cris Operation Details

Hours: Internet and phone wagering is available 24/7/365.

Customer Service: One of the best support departments in the industry – open 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Min. Bet: $5 internet, $50 phone.

Max. Bet: $5,000 online, $20,000 phone. Higher limits can be requested.

Reduced Juice: None

Overnight lines: Yes, they are almost always the first to set the line and then other sportsbooks follow suit.

Professional Action Limits: All players are welcomed, you could bet into just soft lines and take the book for a million dollars and they will pay. Clients will never be shut off or have limits cut for winning to much.

Bet Cris Banking Options and Policies

Cris has an outstanding number of banking options.

Deposit options include: MoneyBookers, Neteller, InstDebit, Click2Pay, MyCitadel, EwalletXpress, Bankwire, BankDraft, money transfer and credit cards. Most deposit options do not have any associated fees, those that do Cris will pick up all fees on deposits of $300 or more.

Withdrawal methods and costs are as follows:

Moneybookers and Neteller:
1 FREE withdrawal on Fridays up to $2,500 per week. Additional withdrawals will incur the following fees.

Bank draft shipped via Fed Ex: $60 (Keep in mind for 2500 loyalty points a bettor can get on of these withdrawals for free).
Bank Wire: (amt x .005)+ $55
Min Fee $65
Max Fee $300

Also money transfers withdrawals are also available. Please contact Cris support for associated fees.

BetCris Corporate Information

Cris Sportsbook (Costa Rican International Sports) has been in business since 1985 but first began their internet operations in 1998. They are the parent host to dozens of online sportsbooks which include BetCris, BetMaker, Bookmaker, Diamond Sportsbook (DSI), Option sports and several others.
The industry would not be as potent as it is today if it was not for CRIS. They are the sportsbook that sets the lines and for the most part controls the industry. You’ll notice each night the first book to put odds online is almost always CRIS and other sportsbooks simply follow suit posting their own version of CRIS’s line. Your money in your account is safer than it would be in your own bank.

Company Name: BetCRIS

BetCRIS Sportsbook
Building La Colmena
75m West of Contraloria
2nd, 6th and 7th Floors
Sabana Sur, San Jose
Costa Rica

Corporate/Contact Info:

SPORTSBOOK – WAGERING LINE: 1-866-WinCRIS (1-866-946-2747)

RACEBOOK 1-800-329-6333
For Horse Department questions:

CASINO 1-866-BetCRIS (1-866-238-2747)
For Casino questions:

POKER ROOM: 1-800-579-5873

MOBILE BETTING: 1-866-BetCRIS (1-866-238-2747)
For Mobile Betting questions: Mobile Betting Support