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5 Dimes has grown in popularity over the past couple years. They truly have something for everyone as they accept bets between $0.50 to $5,000 per game, offer good sign up bonuses, reload bonuses, tons of exotic prop bets and dozens of teaser options. 5 Dimes also offers low juice with most games priced at -105 in place of the -110 traditional line. Smart bettors will realize how huge of a difference this reduced juice makes to their bottom line.

5 Dimes offers a night line on MLB starting at just 5 cents. This 5 cent line is available to up to -162. To the best of SportsbookProp knowledge no other sportsbook online or offline offers lower juice on baseball wagering than 5 dimes.

The only negative thing we have to say about 5 dimes is that their management team sometimes is a bit harsh in responses to certain emails. 5 Dimes really does not take kindly to people trying to shoot angles such as taking advantage of poorly worded prop bets. If they believe someone is trying to take advantage of them, they are sure to mention it straight and to the point. We’ve seen on more than one occasion an email that was misinterpreted trigger a response from 5 Dimes Management which was a bit harsh.

Other than this we would be hard pressed to find anything else negative to say. These guys pay withdrawals with lightening speed, their support staff is knowledgeable, the game selection and pricing is second to none. In our honest opinion any serious better should have a 5 Dimes account.

Geographical Restrictions:Residents of France, Portugal, Hungary, United Kingdom and Ukraine are prohibited from gambling at 5Dimes. Players from all other countries including all 50 US states are welcomed.

5 Dimes Bonus Offers

Sign up bonus: The 5 Dimes Bonus is a 50% free play match on players initial deposit.

Important Note: Please keep in mind that a Free play bonus is not a cash bonus. Here is an example:

Book 1 offers a $300 cash bonus
Book 2 offers a $300 free play bonus.

You sign up at both books and get the $300 bonus at each. You then make a wager with your bonus balance on the Royals +150 at both books. The royals win.

At Book 1 you get back the $300 you risked plus the $450 you won
At Book 2 you get back only the $450 you won. The free play has been used and is not credit back to you regardless if you win or lose the bet.

The bonus terms: The max free play bonus is $200.

High Roller 5 Dimes Bonus: Clients who open there account with $5,000 or more are eligible to earn a $1,000 free play bonus. The methods for deposit for this high roller bonus are money transfer, sportsbook transfer or money order.

More Bonus Terms: All 5 Dimes bonuses are back end bonuses. You must roll over your deposit five times before the free play is credited

Reload Bonus: Players who deposit $250 to $2500 via e-wallet will receive a 20% reload bonus. Reload deposits made via money transfer services will get a 10% reload bonus. These bonuses are also back end free play credits which require a 5 time rollover before they become accessible.

5 Dimes Operation Details

Hours: 24/7/365 for wagering and customer support, banking support available most hours except for some late nights.

Customer Service: Customer support is available 24/7/365 via phone, email and live website chat.

Min. Bet: $0.50 internet, $25 for phone teaser and parlays, $50 on phone for straight wagers.

Max. Bet: $500 per ticket with a maximum of $5,000 per game. For example you can keep wagering $500 over an over again up to the $5,000 cap. The line might get adjusted as you continue to make max bets of $500 though, but you’re still welcome to bet up to the $5,000 game cap.

Reduced Juice: Yes, -105 on NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA Hoops side and totals. -105 on NCAA football sides and an unpresidented best MLB line of just 5 cents.

*The MLB line 5 cent line is available only at night. NCAA football totals are only available at full juice -110.

Overnight lines: Yes, posted around 9PM for most games.

Professional Action Limits: 5 Dimes does not like to deal with bonus abusers and price exchangers and therefore cuts wagering limits of some their professionals clients.

Parlay Odds: 5 Dimes teasers odds are fairly standard but a bit better when you get into the donkey type bets like 5-15 team teasers. Here are the odds for the more popular bet parlays: 2 Teams 13/5 – 3 Teams 6/1 – 4 teams 12.28/1.

Teaser Odds: If you like teasers you’ll love 5 Dimes, they have so many teaser options available. Here is a chart of just some of them:

5 Dimes Teaser Odds

5 Dimes Banking Options and Policies

5Dimes free 24/7 method of deposit is bitcoin. Players who use it as an exclusive method of deposit have no limit on getting paid out via this method as well.

Book to book and account to account transfers are also free deposit method but are not available 24/7.

They also take Money Orders deposits, credited within 12 hours of receipt to their office office, at no fee. Using these to deposit will enable the player use this method for payouts too.

Moneygram is available 24/7, Western Union 10am to 7pmm and Ria from 10am-10pm EST.

5 Dimes Corporate Information

Located in San Jose, Costa Rica

Date established: 1999

Physical address: 5Dimes Casino and Sportsbook
Edificio Equus
San Jose, Costa Rica

Phone numbers: Customer Service: 1-800-305-3517
Wagering: 1-800-442-0151
Wagering Backup: 1-800-216-4199
Local: 1-506-225-5929